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Coworking Member$150.00
Duration: Until canceledSessions: 1

every month
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By purchasing this plan, you are entering into a membership agreement with momentumHQ. You are agreeing to the following: The outlined benefits of your selected plan, listed in your purchase listing and confirmation email. You are agreeing, with your new online account, not to share your login with any other user. You are also agreeing to: - Not to reproduce any of momentumHQ's online content or membership benefits to be shared outside of momentumHQ. - Not post inappropriate comments in the online community. momentumHQ reserves the right to remove any comments from the online forum. - To make monthly payments set to auto-renew, or to promptly pay by check. - To follow all policies signed and agreed upon during your membership check-in at momentumHQ, including the internet use policy. - This plan will auto-renew until canceled.

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